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10 Real Stereotypes About People In Sacramento That Are 100% True

Here is the DEFINITIVE list of Sacramento Stereotypes that’s 100% accurate.


10. Sacramento residents are carbon-based lifeforms.  Carbon forms the key component for all known naturally occurring life on Earth. Sacramento residents included.


9. Sacramento residents must drink water to survive.  The average Sacramentian will die if they go without water for more than 5 days.


8. Every Sacramento resident used to be (or is currently) a baby.  Even the ones that have no memory of this fact whatsoever were once helpless little babes.


7. No matter how hard they try, every Sacramento resident will one day die. Each and every one. No matter what.


6. All Sacramento residents live on the planet called “Earth”. While a few humans currently live outside of the Earth’s atmosphere, none of them are from Sacramento.


5. Sacramento residents experience time in the same linear fashion. No one in the river city is moving backwards through space/time.

human digestive system

4. All of Sacramento’s residents turn food into energy before excreting waste matter.  Even that cute girl at the coffee shop you go to before work.


3. Everyone in Sacramento with a television thinks that David Letterman is the best Late Night host of all time. That is a scientific fact.


2. No one in Sacramento was born with Superhuman powers. Or 8 arms for that matter.


1. No one in Sacramento can create a list of 10 stereotypes of Sacramento Residents That Are Completely Accurate which is itself completely accurate. No one.


Sacramento Parking Meters To Accept Bitcoin

Sacramento’s newest parking meters will immediately begin accepting Bitcoin for payment throughout the Central City, according to officials.

Bitcoin is the digital currency which first appeared on the internet in 2009 and has seen volatile price fluctuations over the past few months.  Currently, one Bitcoin is worth around $450 US Dollars.

Motorists in Sacramento can download a mobile app which will allow them to pay for parking with the digital cash.  There will be a $10.99 processing fee for each transaction.

For more information about which parking meters will be the first to take Bitcoin payment, click here.

It's not news. Really.